Driving Lessons in Gloucester/Cheltenham

Everybody has different time constraints in this hectic world that we live in.  So our
driving lesson structure can be as flexible as you are

Here is a list of lesson options.  But if your needs aren't catered for please ring or contact by email ('contact' button above)

Standard Driving Lessons -Gloucester, Cheltenham

These will take you from complete novice stage to test standard. Our aim is to teach you to drive, not just to pass your test.

How many will I need?

It depends upon your ability, but a rough guide is your age x 1.5.

Pass Plus Lessons

An optional course after passing your test, covering subjects such as Motorways, country lanes and night driving. Successfully completing the course leads to a considerable reduction in your insurance premiums

How many will I need?

6 hours tuition. (Normally in 3 x 2 hour sessions). These are informative and enjoyable, and, best of all, there's no test at the end of it!

Refresher Lessons.

So you have a licence but haven't driven for some time?  Or maybe you feel the increase of traffic on today's roads mean you would like to brush up on your skills?

How many will I need?

As many as makes you feel comfortable.  This can be as little a 1 or 2 hours tuition.  
Motorway Lessons
Motorways are statistically the safest roads in the country.  However, high speeds and increased traffic flow cause some to be nervous.   Don't suffer, or worse still AVOID motorways.  A couple of targeted lessons can get you back in the 'fast lane'. 

How many will I need?

Entirely up to you, but a couple of hours is normally more than enough to allay your fears.

*** New Service Available***

Free access to dvsa theory questions and hazard perception clips. All you need is a valid email address to enrol.

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